Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tree Bumblebee

A fairly new addition to the Bees of Britain, having first been recorded in 2001. The Tree Bumblebee has since spread remarkably fast and, has established itself across most of England and Wales. It is found on woodland rides/clearings and in gardens. It's rapid rise in numbers and populating such a vast area in such a short period of time has been put down to the fact that the British love to put up nest boxes, a favourite nest site for the Tree Bumblebees.

This particular Tree Bumblebee has gone to ground, hiding down in the grass because of cold weather.

When the sun eventually came out again the Tree Bumblebee positioned itself to warm it's body quickly and efficiently before flying off.

Allowing a photograph detailing the three identifying colours of this Bee, chestnut brown thorax, black abdomen with a white tail.

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