Sunday, 12 July 2015

White Admiral, Male photographed unusually....

Male White Admiral photographed in the grass which is rather unusual for this species. This insect can be found flying alongside the Silver-washed Fritillary up and down our woodland rides from about 20th June and well in to August.
Male White Admiral sitting with wings open

Male White Admiral sitting with wings closed, really is quite beautiful in this pose

Silver-washed Fritillary, male..

One of our more common Fritillaries and can be found flying up and down woodland rides on a lovely sunny summers day, never letting up. Late afternoon on such days, these beautiful insects can be found nectaring on their favourite flowers, bramble, and is probably the best opportunity for a photo.
Male Silver-washed Fritillary wings wide open
Male Silver-washed Fritillary wings closed

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Silver-washed Fritillary, male.....this unusual.....

This unusual, but beautifully marked male Silver-washed Fritillary was photographed at Chiddingfold Wood today, [2nd July 2015].