Saturday, 11 June 2016

Brimstone, a males attempt at courting a female.

The male Brimstone is not one to easily give up on the possibility of mating with a female whenever he comes across one. But the female has normally always been mated as copulation is a very private act with these butterflies and normally takes place within the confides of a bush and, is very rarely seen. The female will always show the male her rejection signal, but unlike most male butterflies, [who tend to take the hint rather quickly] the male Brimstones seem to ignore the female's signals of rejection and continue to try and mate. This can last for several minutes and more, i have witnessed this act of a failed courtship by a male for about 48 minutes.

The male Brimstones are quite relentless in their pursuit of females

Continually flying at and into the female..

Often standing on the female's wings so she can not fly off..

This is the best opportunity for the photographer to get an in flight picture.

Even thou it takes a lot of patience and failed attempts..but, if you keep at it, you will be rewarded.

And then there is always the unexpected....

And more....

And he still failed to successfully court and mate the female. But does this ritual ever end in copulation?

All photographs are the copyright of NickBroomer.

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