Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Dingy Skipper

The Dingy Skipper is the most commonly spread of all the U.K.'s Skippers. The sexes are alike. But, the coloration on the top of their wings can vary.

HABITAT. Meadows, sunny woodland rides / clearings, sand dunes and chalk downland with south facing slopes.

LARVAL FOOD PLANT. The eggs are mainly laid on Bird's-foot Trefoil, the larval food plant.

FLIGHT SEASON. The first brood normally start to appear late April and, fly until about the middle of June. In some very hot years there could be a partial second brood in August.

LIFE SPAN. About 20 days, [ref. Edmund Sandars]



They are commonly found roosting on these old dead flower heads of Common
Knapweed from the previous years growth
Some wing colour variations.

All photographs are the copyright of Nick Broomer

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