Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Small Blue

The Small Blue is found on chalk landscapes mainly in the south and south-east of England, with small pockets of this butterfly being scattered about the the rest of the British Isles.

The females have brown upper wings, whilst the males upper wings are a bluey-grey in colour, slightly covered in a dusting of tiny light blue/white specks. The undersides of the wings are similar for both sexes.

The first brood fly from the middle of May, until late June with a second partial brood on the wing about the 20th July and normally throughout August.

 Once mated, the females lay their eggs [ovum] on Kidney Vetch, the larval food plant, they hatch after about one week. They overwinter as a  caterpillar. Pupating late April, like some other members of the Blue Family, they are quite often associated with ants.The butterflies start to emerge about 2 weeks later.

Male Small Blue

Male Small Blue

Female Small Blue

A roosting female Small Blue

All photographs are the copyright of Nick Broomer

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