Thursday, 12 May 2016

Butterfly ovum, [eggs] Part 2

The Silver-spotted Skippers lay their ovum on sheep's Fescue, adhering the egg to a grass stem. The tiny larva emerges in the Spring.

Freshly laid Silver-Spotted Skipper ovum
This Silver-spotted Skippers ovum is now 7 days old and, has turned a light brown in colour.

Turning brown after 7 days
In this particular photo a female Silver-spotted Skipper has adhered two small, very thin blades of grass together before depositing an egg between the two areas that have been glued by the butterfly. This could quite easily have been two failed attempts at egg laying, but i don't believe this to be the case and, that it was a deliberate act by the butterfly.

The female Silver-spotted Skipper has adhered two grass stems together
before laying her egg

Silver-washed Fritillaries lay their ovum on Moss covered, north facing aspect of an Oak Tree, no more than 900mm [about 3 feet] from the ground. The Tiny ovum is attached to the Moss on the trunk of the tree.

Freshly laid Silver-washed ovum
After about two weeks the ovum turns black and, a week later the tiny larva emerges.

Two weeks later the ovum has turned black
This is another Silver-washed Fritillary's ovum that was laid on the same tree as the ovum above, but on this occasion did not make it, as the contents have been sucked out through a small hole on the  front, top centre of the empty ovum.

A Silver-washed fritillary's ovum that has been sucked dry

Small tortoiseshell's ovum are laid on the undersides of fresh growth of Common Nettle leaves in full sun, [Small Nettle is also used] in clusters of about 120 eggs, but can be a lot larger clusters. They hatch after about one to 3 weeks depending on the weather, hot, cold etc.

Small Tortoiseshell's ovum on the underside of a Common Nettle leaf

Small Whites lay their ovum on several plants including Garlic Mustard and other Wild Crucifiers, Brassicas, and Nasturtiums. The ovum is an off white when first laid.

Freshly laid Small White ovum
About 24 hours before the tiny caterpillar emerges the egg turns orange the colour of the emerging larva. They hatch after 4-7 days, depending on the weather.

Small White ovum about 24 hours before hatching

All recorded hatching times of these ovums can vary because of weather conditions, hot, cold etc.

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