Saturday, 31 October 2015

Clouded Yellow, early stages, pupa, butterfly [part 2]

The Clouded Yellow pupa stage lasts between 2-3 weeks depending on the weather, hot, cold etc. but it makes a few body/colour changes along the way until the butterfly finally emerges.
Clouded Yellow 5th instar larva ready to pupate
4 hours later the pupation stage of the life cycle is well under way
Two days later the Clouded Yellow pupa has taken on a yellowish/green appearance
4 days into pupation, the Clouded Yellow pupa is now a lovely green and, stays this
colour for about a week
The Clouded Yellow pupa 4 days before the emergence of the butterfly 
Clouded Yellow pupa two days before the emergence of the butterfly, which can now be clearly
identified as a female
The empty pupal casing after the Clouded Yellow has emerged
Female Clouded Yellow
Male Clouded Yellow

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